CERTALDO. In 1953 Giampiero became a butcher, while his brother Franco was still a child...
and this was his first butcher’s shop decked out on the occasion of Easter exposition in 1955.
In 1959 another shop was opened together with Giampiero and Franco’s sister and brother-in-law.
In 1962 Franco opened the third shop. In 1965 the fourth shop was opened by the Gelli family.
The great project to build a salami factory was conceived and deeply desired by Franco and later made real
by the two partners... The story of the Gelli salumi factory started in 1971...
While the salami factory activity was increasing, the butcher’s shop opened by the Gelli family were sold
(the last shop was sold in 1976). The picture with the two partners at “Firenze a tavola” food fair dates back to 1983...
The building was first renovated in 1985, but considerable extension work started in 1996,
according to EC regulations and completed in 2000...with the assignment of number of Community Recognition CE IT 1623 L.
Gelli salumi has been operating on the market for 40 years thanks to Giampiero and Franco’s perseverance, to a highly qualified staff and to the new generations collaborating with them.