Gelli Salumi S.p.A. has specialized in the production of quality seasoned cured meats. All are traditional Tuscan specialities such as the Finocchiona IGP, pork salami, wild-boar salami and sausages, seasoned Tuscan ham with D.O.P. certification (protected designation of origin) and all are strongly tied to the local farming traditions of this area.
Gelli Salumi S.p.A. has managed to understand these local traditions and develop them according to the most modern quality standards. The firm employs about 30 people and annually produces over 1500 tons of goods.
Gelli Salumi offers a wide range of products paying constant attention to artisan production methods and to high quality standards: food chain products, made with local pork meat, are available in order to satisfy all customers requests. The company began a steady and gradual expansion on main international markets since the ‘90s. We are currently on the European market in Germany, Holland, France, Poland, Denmark, England. Furthermore, our company is present in export list of Canada, Brazil and Hong Kong.